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Any lock products we sell are sold with product warranties as provided by their manufacturer. Whilst we will put forward our best endeavours in assisting you with any product warranty claims, the ultimate decision on product warranties rests with the product manufacturer.

TopLock provides a 30 day warranty on our workmanship. Our technicians will ensure the lock is correctly fitted and working before leaving site and in addition to this will always endeavour to demonstrate to a site contact the working lock and explain any functionality. However, once we have left site, we have no control over how the lock, or door that it is on, are treated. This includes them being used in a forceful or other manner that is contrary to manufacturers specifications, or subsequent movement of the door or frame.

Listed below are scenarios we come across which typically are not covered by warranty.
User Error (Before leaving site the locksmith will show you how the lock works, as some locks have more than one function)

One of the most common reasons we get called for warranty work is because locks have many different locking functions, some of which can make it seem like the lock is not actioning properly, when in fact it is working as it was designed. Please be sure to pay attention to the Locksmith when he shows you how the lock operates before leaving site, and pass this information on to everyone else who lives at the property, as we often get called out by another member of the premises thinking something is broken.
Incorrect use of locking mechanism (Using the lock in a way that it is not designed to be used, causing it to be misaligned or damaged)

An example we see is using the locking mechanism to secure a door in the open position, either by the handle or the latch. The lock is not designed to be utilized in this fashion. Another example is if the bolt is left extended and the door is allowed to slam shut onto the bolt.
Environmental issue (Door or Frame is of poor quality, or has moved or swollen due to weather, causing the lock or latch to bind)

This problem is most commonly due to movement in the door and or frame. When a lock is fitted, it is fitted correctly for the current position of the door and frame. Movement and settlement within houses, especially those of timber construction, is very common. This may result in the frame of the door shifting and causing pressure to be imposed on the latching mechanism. Another example would be if the door, frame or floor have been subject to water and have swollen causing the door itself to be unable to move freely.
Vandalism (Damage has been caused to the lock)

Sometimes we will attend a warranty claim and it will turn out that there is evidence of vandalism or a break in attempt. Often this might not be immediately apparent, making it seem like it is our workmanship to blame. However, we have come across all kinds of things in our many years in the locksmith business. Glue in locks, small pieces of sticks or debris jammed into the keyway, evidence where someone has attempted to use a crowbar or lever to force a lock open. All of these things are outside of our workmanship warranty. If you are concerned that vandalism is a possibility, please discuss this with your locksmith when they are onsite, there are many upgrades you can install that will make it much more difficult for anyone to damage your lock.
In the event that we attend site due to any of the above reasons, we will require to charge a service call and minimum labour of 15 minutes to cover our expenses for coming to site. And should we require to conduct additional work due to something that is outside of our control, we will require to charge additional labour and parts.

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