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We Solve Lock Outs & Other Emergencies

Get inside your property promptly and with confidence—we don’t care if your house is built like a fortress, we can get you inside in no time!

Click the number below for help now.

07 3112 7979

We get people back inside when they’re locked out, literally every day! Please check our google hours to see our availability. We are the lock out specialists in the Brisbane area—getting people safely back into their homes and places of business is our job.

Please note: for safety, if locked out, our locksmiths require proof of “right of access” before they can provide access to a property. This proof can take a number of forms, but will require that you sign paperwork and provide a photo ID which we will be recorded.

For new customers, these jobs are strictly payment upon job completion. Payment can be in the form of cash or major credit cards.

Call us at 07 3112 7979 any time for access to your premises.

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