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Eight Steps To Improve Your Home Security

Below are eight steps you can take to improve the security of your home.

  1. Get your locks rekeyed
    That way any keys owned by former residents will no longer function so you won’t need to worry about who might have keys to your home!
  2. Do not leave your spare key hidden outside
    There are smarter and more secure options for storing your spare keys. A key box can hold that spare key and be installed on your home’s exterior easily. These are highly-fortified and can only be opened with the use of a PIN. These boxes are particularly useful if you have regular guests, children, or tradesmen who need access to your home, without carrying a key.
  3. Install a restricted key system for your home
    The key benefits (pun intended) of these systems are twofold: the keys can’t be copied without your authorisation, and they’re much more pick proof than conventional locks. These factors make them much harder to break into. Talk to a security system supplier about installing restricted keys for your home.
  4. Opt for double-cylinder deadbolts or dead latches on exterior doors
    These will strengthen the door/lock combination, and also allow you to lock the door from both inside and out, so that it can’t be used for leaving the premises. This is useful for deterring the theft of items too large to be taken out of a window.
  5. Low-cost “security” screen doors and windows are not capable of keeping determined people out
    Never leave your main door or window open and rely on a security screen for protection against break-ins.
  6. Double-check your knobset style locks
    Knobset style locks are often not fitted correctly, meaning the locking function does not work effectively.
  7. Glass sliding doors are a common weak point exploited by criminals
    Increase the security of these types of doors by having an aftermarket patio bolt fitted and installed.
  8. Install windows that you can lock in a partial open position
    Any windows that you want to leave partially open, should have locks installed with the ability to firmly lock in a partial open position, in addition to the fully closed position. Windows should not be open any more than the width of a closed fist whilst in the locked position.

We also have a list of eight steps you should take to give your business and livelihood Security Confidence, which we can provide.

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