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Our Eight Steps To Improving Your Commercial Security Confidence

  1. Install an appropriate high security, restricted key system
    Contact a trusted security system installer to incorporate these are very pick resistant and you have complete control over who can make copies of keys.
  2. Install a monitored alarm system
    They are also known as back to base security systems, or back to base monitored alarms.
  3. Ensure there is a key control and accountability system in place
    In particular ensure keys are kept in a secure location and there are records of who has each key. There are key cabinets and key control software that specialise in this.
  4. Carry out annual maintenance on locks and other door hardware
    The best security system falls down very quickly if a door closer isn’t latching the door shut for example, or the lock is not configured correctly in how the door handles on each side are supposed to work.
  5. Ensure all Fire and Exit doors are compliant with recent legislation
    The legislation is very specific about how these doors should function and it is critical that they are maintained in accordance with requirements.
  6. Eradicate poor crime prevention behaviours or procedures
    For example, rear doors being used for shortcuts or doors wedged open by employees to make it easier for them to access a cigarette break. As with poor maintenance, poor behaviours can easily render a security system inadequate. Affordable stand alone kits are available to alert if the door is left open for too long (similar to fridge door).
  7. Electronic access systems (swipe cards)
    These electronic access systems not only provide a very high-level security system, but they also provide a full audit trail of access to and from any key areas.
  8. Keep abreast of new technology which may benefit your business, on either of a security or efficiency basis. For example wireless access systems such as Salto and Clay allow you to unlock or lock all doors instantly from anywhere in the world using an app. Similarly, Videofied is a wireless remote monitoring system that easily allows to you monitor multiple locations without the need to run cabling.

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