iConnect Automated Security

Would you like:
• An alarm system that sends photos directly to your phone?
• To receive notifications via SMS or email when the alarm is triggered?
• To have the security of an alarm system, without the ongoing costs and hassle of a back to base monitoring service?
• Panic button functionality, which may be particularly useful for aging parents still living by themselves?
• To be able to enable or disable the alarm system from your phone?
• A wireless system that does not require a single hole to be drilled and can be easily taken with you if you relocate?
The video below (for the same product rebadged for another country) shows how the system works.

iConnect is the solution.

From an app on your mobile phone you can:
• Be notified if the alarm is triggered and receive images from your home.
• Check images from the alarm system at any time.
• Communicate directly with your home via the control panel.
• Enable and disable the alarm system.
• Configure the alarm system.

Best of all, it is completely wireless and so easy to retrofit to any home and you can completely configure it, or modify the configuration yourself.

The base system is $140 installation and $29 per month for the 30 month contract period, reducing to $19 per month following that. All figures exclude GST.

That includes an annual check of the system and battery replacement when required.

Want to know more? Read on for further details, or contact us on 1300 553 945.

iConnect – More Details

High-End Two-Way Wireless Video Verification

iConnect Two-Way Wireless, the latest addition to the wireless EL product range, utilizes proprietary two-way wireless FM technology to offer complete security and Video Verification, with dedicated two-way wireless peripherals and built-in IP/PSTN/GSM/GPRS communication modules. Together with a modular offering of advanced remote management and Smartphone applications, iConnect offers enhanced security while catering to a variety of needs within the growing residential and SOHO security market.

Full Range of Two-Way Wireless Peripherals

The EL two-way wireless product range offers an array of peripherals including external and internal detectors, PIR cameras, safety sensors and emergency keyfobs, control devices as well as complementing accessories which communicate with the iConnect control panel and respond to RF signals with top-level data security. Also designed for superior efficiency, these peripherals only respond to signals when the control panel is armed, acting with enhanced speed to minimize energy consumption and signal traffic congestion.

Comprehensive Remote Management

iConnect Two-Way Wireless integrates with the full range of the EL Application Server (ELAS) remote management functions. This offers end users remote, control and maintenance of the iConnect system by Internet or Smartphone, advanced video applications, remote home automation management, configuration of event notifications, and much more. Providers benefit from full circle control with a web administration application, advanced remote programming software, video verification features, web based system programming, remote firmware upgrades as well as diagnostics and maintenance utilities.

Two-Way Wireless PIR Camera

Specifically designed for EL’s Two-Way Wireless range, the PIR Camera incorporates three state-of-the-art technologies: PIR motion detection, CMOS imaging technology and two-way wireless communication. When armed, the Camera is automatically activated by an event and captures a series of images before, during and after the alarm. These are sent to users or security personnel via MMS, email or Smartphone applications.

Full Video Security for End Users

Two-Way Wireless PIR Cameras installed at users’ premises offer combined detection and recording of video images and clips which are sent to users upon an event. Users enjoy enhanced services from monitoring stations. Recorded event images also provide valuable evidence for insurance claims.

Through the EL Smartphone application and web interface, users can also trigger video transmission on demand, verifying an intrusion, looking in on a child, or checking the premises for lights left on.

Real-Time Video Verification by Providers

iConnect Two-Way Wireless, offers real-time video verification for efficient event assessment and response and enhanced customer service. Utilizing video verification, providers can ensure false alarms are immediately distinguished from a confirmed crime-in–progress and relay accurate information to law enforcers or guarding companies which may prioritize response to a confirmed crime. This capability can be shared with the end-user if desired, creating extra revenue in the charges applied for video features, including video look-in and user-initiated video clips.

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